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A couple of years ago when Visual Marketing by Anita Campbell and David Langton came out I wrote the review below. Since that time I have come to use the book as my go to brainstorming apparatus whenever I’m in desperate need of inspiration. I can honestly say it has become one of the most useful books I’ve ever owned and some of my best client campaign ideas have launched while browsing through the stories inside. 

Hence, I thought it worthwhile to resurrect my review and add a good ‘ole plus one…since even now, years later, I’m still a huge fan of this great book!


Early on in my career when I’d become stumped while working on a particular project or figuring out the best way to craft a message for a client, I would head to my local Hallmark store and browse the different aisle of greeting cards. Cards have a particularly powerful way at evoking a certain emotion and/or resonating with their reader in a manner that not many other communications mediums do. And so, I’d normally find myself reading a card wishing someone’s cat a happy Bar Mitzvah and I’d have a brainstorm on a perfect campaign to put together for my client.

Not only that, I’d leave the store buzzing with ideas, one after another of things I could do either for current or future clients. All I needed was a little spark of inspiration to get me going in the right direction. I think this is the case for many marketers, communications experts and for that matter entrepreneurs as a whole. These people (myself included), tend to be ‘idea’ people across the board, but sometimes they need a spark to get them going, a nudge to push them in the right direction (I know I do). That’s why when I picked up Visual Marketing, the new book by Anita Campbell and David Langton, for the first time…..I realized that if an entrepreneur could have a muse, it mostly likely would be in the form of this book.

This remarkable book is 236 page of ideas and inspiration, with an index at the end. Really what more could you ask for? It contains 99 hand picked examples (and not just hand picked by anyone, but two notable experts in the small business field) of visual marketing campaigns that hit the mark. Divided into three sections; Web and Online, Print and 3-D Physical Media and Logo/Branding, the book goes through every visual communications medium a organization could need and gives an examples of ways several businesses utilized the medium in focus to reach their goals.

More importantly, each example is accompanied by an explanation of why it proved to be powerful and a take away tip for the reader. These two pieces help an entrepreneur not just with the idea spark, but also with the follow through and application for their unique needs a business. The easy to read layout and visual examples make it a pleasure to pick up after a long day or as a mid-afternoon break vs. a burden (ugh….not another thing to read, I’d rather watch South Park, Football, Jersey Shore, fill in your brainless obsession here)
My one warning would be to come prepared with some sticky notes and a pen when you start reading so you can record your ideas as they ignite.